Our focus is to develop farming in Africa and Asia through the provision ofeducation, practical advice, information, and access to suppliers of farmtools and equipment, seeds, and fertilisers to farmers and those wishing to become farmers.

Our services include :-

Registering farmers with our organisation to form a database of information

Organising talks with farmers in rural areas to identify their needs

Encouraging more people to take up farming as a viable means of livelihood

Providing training programmes in arable and livestock farming

Setting up irrigation schemes so crops can be grown in periods of

unreliable rainfall

Providing farmers with information about the assistance initiatives

available to them

Providing support to farmers in the areas of shelter, clothing, and


Assisting farmers in sourcing information about the procurement of modern

farming tools, seed, and feedstuffs

Organising seminars and workshops, offering the opportunity for networking

among farmers

Offering free advisory services using the expertise of our advisors,

volunteers, and partners

Training farmers in the latest methods

Visiting farmers to understand their needs