Medical practitioner,(GP/specialist), pharmacist, Dietician, Dentist, Nurse(RGNs, Geriatric Nurses and Midwives), Healthcare Assistant, student or a good Fundraiser.




Please, read the attached to be part of this programme!

We can assure you that at the end of this programme you’ll find this exercise as one of those rare opportunities to fulfill your wish to serve humanity. This is as a result of the warmth and very appreciative nature of Africans, even in the face of all their daily healthcare and other challenges. To many, this also could serve as a moment of individual and collective reflection vis-à-vis appreciation. Many thanks in advance for being part of this project!    

To fill the healthcare support volunteer registration form, click here.



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International Healthcare support guideline for Saturday, 10th March, 2018 trip to Africa.



The International Healthcare support is a FS Initiative (Farmers Support Initiative) project aimed at addressing the healthcare needs of farming communities in developing countries where we work. We give priority to low level farmers in the course of attending to the healthcare needs of the farmers.


Unlike our initial project, a public enlightenment programme called ‘Go Farming Campaign’ which was first launched in England in 2013 by the then Mayor of Stockton-on-Tees, Mayor Lynne Apedaile before moving down to Africa, this time, we have choosing to start this second project in the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria.


As an organisation that promotes farming in countries of Africa and Asia where there are still a large number of disadvantaged communities, we believe that it will be worthwhile to arrange for a FREE healthcare assistance programme that will benefit especially the low level farmer,s both the old and young.


Giving the huge need for affordable healthcare in developing countries, it is not surprising that projects such as this will be in high demand in all the communities. As a result, our current strategic plan is to start in Lagos, the thickly populated city and commercial nerve centre of Nigeria which also hosts sprawling farming communities.


Be that as it may, given availability of funds for the project, other factors such as moral support and adequate security assurances we receive from our potential hosts will always play a role in our choice of community that will benefit from this project. Priority will also be given to volunteers who want their community to host the project.

Whenever we receive request from more than one community, we will either hold a ballot, or make a  choice depending on the peculiarities of every given situation. 



Having said this, it is pertinent to mention that this project is designed to be funded by good spirited individuals, corporate bodies and other concerned entities such as local and national authorities as well as regional and international humanitarian/development agencies.



As a charity, we rely on volunteers to assist us in accomplishing this very important and humanitarian responsibility. Giving the nature of this free International healthcare support, the volunteers who are coming from within and outside the host country are not charging any professional fee for their services. Rather, in a bid to assist in making a difference and their deep love for humanity they’ve joined hands with Farmers Support Initiative in providing FREE healthcare to farming communities in Africa.



Having said this, it’ll not be out of place to reciprocate the kind gesture of the volunteers by assisting them in local transportation, food and accommodation as well as other basics in the cause of the voluntary assignment. FS Initiative will also issue each volunteer with a Certificate of appreciation at the end of the exercise as a token of our appreciation.


The volunteers come from diverse backgrounds ranging from medical practitioners,(GPs and specialists), pharmacists, Nurses (RGNs, Geriatric Nurses and Midwives), Dieticians, Dentists, students to Fundraisers.


Whilst in the country, we’ll also recruit more volunteers comprising a five-man organising committee and a couple of others to handle protocols to look after anticipated  queues in the cause of the exercise.



At this juncture, we urge all good spirited individuals within the Fundraising communities, medical and other healthcare and related sectors who are interested to volunteer their time and skill to a good cause of this nature to email: or text or call: +44 7951677225 or +44 7519563183 requesting for the Healthcare Support volunteers registration form to complete and sign with date and forward back to us so as to be part of this project.

 click here to fill the volunteer registration form.

The deadline for submission of  the registration form to join as volunteer is 15th August, 2018. This is an opportunity to serve humanity – please, join us in assisting to make a difference!



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