Our mission is to reposition farming to its glory days. We aim at using it as a formidable vehicle in the fight against hunger, poverty, crime, unemployment and other social and economic pills bedeviling the society.

Our main objectives are as follows:

1. To initiate, support or assist in establishing and implementing diverse enlightenment programmes aimed at promoting farmingin Africa and Asia.

2. To assist in the promotion of legislation which may be deemed a  disadvantage to farmers.

3. To assist in encouraging networking among local farmers and their counterpoints elsewhere.

4. To offer for fees advisory services in areas which may be of importance to the local farmers.

5. Support for at-risk low level farmers in the areas of shelter, clothing and education.

6. To assist in conducting formal or informal research where necessary geared towards improving the modest contribution of the local farmers in poverty alleviation in Africa and Asia.
7. Adding glamour to farming in order to make it appear attractive as a worthwhile alternative to the elusive white-collar jobs.

We  are always be in the vanguard of identifying the needs of the farmers in order to assist in offering solutions and charting a way forward for all to benefit. Assisting in this demanding mission are our very able volunteers, expert and knowledgeable advisers, FS Initiative accredited centres, and our other partners in Africa and Asia and the farmers themselves.