Farmers Support Initiative (FS Initiative) is a UK Charity that promotes farming in Africa and Asia. We promote farming as a viable means of livelihood and sustainable avenue of social economic development in Africa and Asia. Established in 2008 as NGO and registered as a charity under HM Revenue and Customs No. XT 13626, we promote and develop farming through our public enlightenment programmes, agro- based training programmes and practical assistances.




Since our foundation in 2008 FSI has grown to become a leading player in encouraging the development of agriculture in Africa and Asia. With thousands of African and Asian farmers registered with us, we work hard to solve their problems through our top quality training programmes, and the provision of much needed assistance to grow the farming sector for general good.

Following the launch of our 'Go Farming Campaign' in the UK, the African launch took place in Nigeria in September 2013 - see the 'Go Farming Campaign' page.